WeCan is a club, the aim of which is to inspire, motivate and enable its members to achieve their personal aspirations. Club members are supported to develop the knowledge, skills and resources required to enable them to live a happy, fulfilling and balanced lifestyle.

The club is structured to provide personalised and engaging day, evening and weekend opportunities for adults with learning disabilities and overnight short breaks. We have an emphasis upon progression and ensuring any transitions, whatever they may be, are well planned and as seamless as possible.

WeCan’s overall aim is to assist you to develop the life you want to live!

WeCan offers day opportunities to young people over the age of 16 years who have learning difficulties, autism and/or complex needs. Here’s a short breakdown of what We Can offer:

- Progressive day opportunities

- Overnight short breaks

- Bespoke support packages

- Personal and social skills development

- Outings and events

- Employability and vocational skills

- Work and enterprise

- Supporting seamless transitions

- Accredited training

What can I expect from WeCan?
  • Support through the transitions and complications that life can present. 

  • An individual and responsive learning and activity plan that will guide your day to day development.

  • Personalised communication support.

  • Personal support and care.

  • Support to develop core skills, such as appropriate behaviours, following routines or instructions, appropriate dress and hygiene, and much more!

  • Activities that are centred around and led by you with great opportunities in centre or community based development.

  • The opportunity to gain work or volunteer experience.

  • The opportunity to stay away from home with friends.

  • Support to access community settings or other services.

  • To develop skills to enable you to travel via public transport and safe walking or cycling routes.


Daytime Activities

WeCan @ Greenacres

Members are offered bespoke timetables to meet their needs and aspirations.

WeCan @ The Junction

We aim to support members to develop their communication and social skills and increase independence  and confidence to prepare for their future.


Watch this space!

Overnight breaks are coming soon!

Thank you for your patience.


Contact Us:

01449 673062

Our club is fully tailored to your needs, likes and aspirations.