Want to join us?

WeCan has an open referral system, that means you can just give us a call!

At WeCan, there are no set admission criteria. We prefer to meet you and your support team to discuss your personal profile and needs. This allows us to assess if and how we can support you in the best way possible.

If you accept the invitation to join WeCan, we can then meet up again to create your very own bespoke plan that will meet your unique circumstances.

“Bethany has not stopped talking about making bread rolls with Lauren.  She thoroughly enjoyed the session.  She wants to make some more.  Apparently she told me she is going to buy some fruit and make a fruit crumble.  Please pass our thanks to Lauren for a great day.” From Parents of Member of the Junction

All our provisions are considered
“Live”, meaning they will be reviewed and updated regularly to ensure your personal plans develop as you do!

Contact Us:

01449 673062