Felixstowe Ferry Centre

Felixstowe Ferry Residential Centre A converted Victorian school building on the Suffolk Coast between Felixstowe town and the nearby ferry. It is a large detached property situated ideally to enable easy access to all the local amenities and shops. The styling of the house reflects the concept of holiday residential experiences. 

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Breaks held at the Felixstowe Ferry Centre.

Friends Together Breaks.

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The theme for the breaks varies and are agreed upon in consultation with children and young people. The aim of the breaks is to give participants an enjoyable stay away from home, where they engage in a range of different activities such as art, craft, music, and drama and where they can meet up with old and make new friends.

Epic Worlds.


Epic Worlds is a newly established Youth club held monthly at the Felixstowe Ferry Centre. The club offers a variety of fun activities for young people ages 11 to 18 and aims to promote independence and allow the young people to make new friends

Holiday Club.

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In school holidays we have activities clubs, where young people with disabilities can meet, and have fun doing a variety of interesting, enjoyable and challenging activities supported by a fun, and experienced team.

Sleepover Club.

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The Achieving Aspirations 'Sleepover Club' aims to replicate the sleeping over with friend’s experience, in a safe and structured, Ofsted registered service.